Onga Farmmaster 700 series pumps - Shallow well

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Onga Farmmaster 700 series pumps - Shallow well

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An efficient and reliable cast iron pump. The OJ farmaster- Shallow Well has a bottle shaped casing which allows easy escape for air and aids the pump in priming suction lines. Available in single & three phase options. The pump must be teamed with an injector & housing as well as a pressure tank. The minimum pressure tank size for the OJ700 is a 36 litre tank upwards. 

Shallow Well Specifications:
Injector        Max Flow       Max Pumping        Suction Lift        Pressure    Pressure  Setting

Model           Rate                    Height              (Shallow well)

S700         162 LPM             40 meters            7.6 meters          430 KPA    210-350
S701         114 LPM             46 meters            7.6 meters          540 KPA    280-455
S702           85 LPM             52 meters            7.6 meters          635 KPA    350-560
S703*         69 LPM             58 meters            7.6 meters          690 KPA    420-630
S704*         56 LPM             70 meters            7.6 meters          800 KPA    490-700

*Includes pump & pressure switch/gauge ( injector and housing sold separately) 

To make a complete OJ Shallow well set you need the pump (either single or three phase), the injector & housing (which includes housing, gasket, jet and venturi) from table above and a pressure tank. 

Model                          KW    Voltage    AMPS
OJ700 Single Phase    1.5    240V         8.9
OJ700 Three Phase     1.5    415V         3.57

* Domestic, industrial or rural pressure pump for use as a manual or an automatic pressure system.
* Stock watering
* Irrigation
* Water transfer.
* Water sources including tanks, bores, dams, creeks and rivers thanks to various injector combinations.

Deep Well Specifcations: 

Tehnical Features: 
* Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres in suspension
* Fluid: Water.
* Maximum water temperature: 55°C.
* Minimum water temperature: 1°C.
* Maximum ambient temperature:40°C.
* Frequency Hz -50
* Motor rating-2900 rpm
* Amps
- Single-8.5
- Three-3.6
* Insulation class: B
* IP rating: IP44


2 Year Warranty