Onga Deep Well Injector Kits

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Onga Deep Well Injector Kits

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Onga Deep Well Injector Kits to suit JJ and OJ series

  • Onga Farmmaster JJ & OJ pumps equipped with deep well injectors can handle suction lifts down to 49 metres (37m for JJ series).
  • For all these pumps an offset flange can be used in place of the over-bore elbows. This allows you to draw water from a river or other water service while the pump can be placed well above the flood line.
  • You get all the benefits of drawing water while still having an above ground, easily serviceable pump.


  • Tank filling, irrigation and sprinklers, stock water and household water supply.


  • Pipe hosetails
  • Pipe band clamps
  • Foot valve and strainer
  • J&V Housing
  • Pump flange (over bore/off set)