SolarGenie SG60 Inverter

SolarGenie SG60 Inverter

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The Davies SolarGenie60 Inverter is designed to be part of a system that includes a Photovoltaic (PV) array, Single phase power supply (If Required), 3-phase AC pump and water storage. The inverter converts DC solar and/or 230V single phase power to run a 230V 3phase pump motor from 0.75-2.2Kw up to 11A. It can take a single or double string of solar panels depending on the output power required.

When connected to DC and AC power sources the inverter will monitor the power available and adjust the speed of the motor to maintain required pump performance. This allows a stable pump output even during low light conditions or different seasons. AC power supply is not required for normal operation but can be supplied at times when more pump output is required.

The maximum and minimum speed of the pump motor can be adjusted to ensure pump performance is within the system duty required. The inverter will detect run dry via minimum current or also has minimum or maximum level contacts.

Specific system data and operating parameters can be set and viewed via the LCD screen and buttons on the face of the inverter.

The Pump system and performance must be carefully selected prior to installation to ensure it is capable of meeting the performance duty required. Due to the fact that solar radiation changes with location, time of day and month of year, the inverter output and pump performance is subject to variation and this must be accounted for when designing and selecting pump system.

*Inverter price does not include PV array, mounting or pump system. Please contact your supplier with your application for kitset pricing.


• DC max input voltage: 450VDC

• DC MPPT Recommended Voltage Range: 150-400VDC

• DC Max input Current 14.6A Per connection.

• AC rated input voltage 195-260V single phase

• AC Max Motor Power 2.2Kw

• AC Rated Output Voltage 220-240V 3 Phase

• AC Output frequency range 0-50/60Hz

• AC Rated Output current 11A

• Internal SPD

• IP65

• Max Humidity 95%

• Maximum temperature of +60°C and minimum of -25°C.

Power Supply Output Current (230v 3 Ph) HP KW Amps      
DC/AC 230V 3 Ph 0.5-3 0.37-2.2