DAVEY HS60-08T Pressure Pump with Torrium2 Controller

$1,380.00incl. GST

PVC Solvent cement 500ml

$29.90incl. GST

PVC End cap

$5.18incl. GST

Waterco Air switch

$31.97incl. GST

Telescopic Pole 1.8m - 3.6m

$78.78incl. GST

ONGA Pool Brush

$36.80incl. GST

Onga Pressure tanks

$169.05incl. GST

Davey Spa Pool Controller SP1200 +6kw Heater + touchpad

$1,996.11incl. GST

Davey Spa Controller SP800 3kw heater and Touchpad

$1,789.40incl. GST

CKRS Hot water circulating pump

$414.00incl. GST

Davey Promaster VSD400 Eco variable speed pump

$2,200.00incl. GST

Waterco Filter parts - 50mm MPV Spider Gasket

$57.50incl. GST