Onga Pressure tanks

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Onga Pressure tanks

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AQUAPACK PLUS Steel Pressure Tanks

You simply can’t look past our comprehensive range of pressure tanks to meet a wide array of water reservoir and energy saving requirements. The Onga Aquapack Plus steel diaphragm pressure tanks offer a range from 8 to 100 litres capacity and pressures up to 690 kPa.


Range of sizes to fit most applications including Domestic, industrial or rural pressure systems.

Key Features

  • CE & NSF certification for potable water

  • Durable butyl rubber diaphragm

  • Steel body

  • Integrated liner ensures no water contact with steel shell

  • 1” BSP stainless steel connection

  • Maximum pressure rating 690 kPa* 
    *APP8 - APP24 is 690 kPa, APP40 - APP100 is 600 kPa


5 year warranty