ONGA LTP Leisuretime Pool Pumps

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ONGA LTP Leisuretime Pool Pumps

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The range of Onga LTP Lesuiretime swimming pool pumps has been purposefully designed to provide maximum performance and corrosion resistance at a realistic cost.

Onga LTP750 (1hp) pump is a direct replacement for the previous Onga 661-1 pump

  • Ideal for small to medium domestic swimming pools and solar pool heating.
  • 2 year warranty


  • Swimming pools from 20,000 litres up to 90,000 litres.
  • Solar heating circuits.
  • Above ground pools.


  • IP55 (TEFC) motor – with IP55 protection from dust and water the LTP pumps are preserved
  • Electrical approvals-the LTP series pool pumps have passed all stringent Australian standards AS/ NZS3136:2001 for safety and is approved for installation within the wetted zone of the pool area, approvals V99108, V02301, V02302.


Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibers in suspension.

Fluid Water
Maximum working pressure 270 kPa
Water (Swimming Pool) temp range 5ºC-35ºC
Ambient temperature 50ºC maximum


Type TEFC 2 pole continuously rotated
Nominal speed 2800 rpm
IP rating IP55
Insulation class Class F
Thermal overload Inbuilt auto reset
Temperature rise Class B
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 230º-240º
Bearing type Deep groove ball bearing with double contact lip seal
Bearing temperature rating 150ºC


Component Material
Pump casing  20% glass filled with ABS
Clacker  20% glass filled with polycarbonate
Impeller 20% glass filled with ABS
Baffle 20% glass filled with ABS
Drain plug 20% glass filled with ABS
Diffuser 20% glass filled with ABS
Basket Polypropylene
Shaft sleeve Nylon
Motor shaft 400 series stainless steel
End shield Powder coated cast iron
Hair and lint pot O-ring Low friction nitrile
Cord/Plug Nitrile
Mechanical seal, 1/2″ type 6 (LTP1100 = type 6 3/4″  
Flexible bellows Nitrile
Stationary face Ceramic
Rotating face Carbon
Spring 304 stainless steel

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PUMP MODEL   A (mm)        B(mm)    C(mm)     D (mm)    E (mm)  F (mm) 
 LTP400 556  454 91 152 254 260
 LTP550 578 454 91 152 254 260
 LTP750 578 454 91 152 254 260
 LTP1100 587 448 91 152 254 260


Note: Dimension ‘E’ an additional 160mm clearance height required above the pump to remove strainerbasket for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Unless otherwise specified, all dimensions in mm.Fixing holes accept 8mm fasteners.