DAVEY XJ90T with Torrium 2

DAVEY XJ90T with Torrium 2

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Davey XJ90T Torrium Pressure System

Economical compact home pressure system driven by a single stage jet assisted centrifugal pump, with electronic Torrium controller included.

Tap Guide: 6 Taps
Suited for Large Homes & families with capacity for garden watering as well.

Ideal for pumping clean, non-volatile liquids without fibres or solids in such applications as:
– Household water supply, Irrigation, Water transfer, Pressure Boosting.

– 90Lpm Capacity
– 46m Max Head
– 7m Max Suction Lift


*Power -1400W (1.8 HP)
*Single phase with standard NZ 3 pin plug 
*Max Flow rate: 90 Litres per minute 
*Max Pressure: 66 psi 
*Self Priming: 7m Suction
*Max discharge head: 46 metres 
*Inlet size: 1.25” inch BSP (32mm) 
*Outlet size: 1” inch BSP (25mm) 
*Built in thermal overload protection 
*Insulation class B 
*IP55 Protection 
*Liquid temperature range: 1 - 50ºC
*Max operating pressure: 4.8 bar 


* Fitted with an electronic automatic constant pressure control system (provides constant pressure at constant flow) 
* Starts automatically when the tap is turned on
* Torrium2® cut-in pressure is normally 80% of the pumps last shut-off head.
* Operates constantly from low flow to full flow 
* Stops automatically when the last tap is turned off 
* Run Dry Protection 
* Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction 
* Stainless steel pump housing 
* Stainless steel motor shaft 
* Built in thermal overload protection

2 Year Warranty