DAVEY Torrium® 2 Controller TT45

DAVEY Torrium® 2 Controller TT45

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DAVEY Torrium® 2 Controller TT45

Torrium®2 is an intelligent controller designed to control a pressure boosting pump to ensure the water is supplied with constant flow resulting in even water pressure to domestic households. It incorporates several levels of pump protection.


*Ideal for converting manual pumps to constant flow water pressure systems.
*Suits pumps supplying clean, non-volatile liquids without fibres or solids in such applications as
*Household water supply
*Water transfer
*Washing systems
*Pressure boosting


*Voltage 110-240V
*Phase- Single Hz 50
*Current 10A
*Maximum motor size – 110V 0.9kW (1.2 hp) Maximum motor size – 220V 1.8kW (2.4 hp)
*Surge protection
*Plug & socket type NZ 3 pin
*Maximum system pressure- 1000 kPa
*Capacities to 200 lpm
*Recommended pump shut-off head range
-TT45 150 to 450 kPa
-TT70 450 to 700 kPa
*Maximum water temperature 70º C
*Minimum water temperature 1º C


*Constant Flow and Even Water Pressure
*Quick Cut-in for Even Pressure
*Adaptive Starting
*Easy Status Check 
*Pressure Indicator Window
*Greater Hydraulic Performance
*Dry Run Protection and Auto Restart
*Pump Protection – High Water Temperature Cut-out
*Pump Protection – Excessive Electrical Current
*Corrosion and Scale Resistance
*Extra Draw off Capacity
*Power Surge Protection for Torrium®2
*Ease of Installation
* Electrical Connection