Waterco Stoneware Filter Tap replacement set

Waterco Stoneware Filter Tap replacement set

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Waterco Stoneware Gravity Purifier

Replacement Parts - Tap set

What is the Stoneware Gravity Water Purifier?

 Constructed out of porcelain and attractively glazed it is mobile enough for either home or office use and it's classic features will suite any decor.This simple unit does not require installation of any kind. Simply fill the upper reservoir with water and let gravity do the rest.

It's superior design and construction will allow you to take water purification into your own hands.

It is able to significantly reduce suspended solids, micro-organisms, chlorine, organic pesticides and offending tastes and in your drinking or cooking water. Waterco restores the fresh natural taste to tap water. 

Waterco Water Purifiers are able to significantly remove:

Bacteria and Cysts (E.coli, Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
Suspended Solids (dirt, rust and algae)
Chlorine (taste problems)
Hydrogen Sulphide (odor problems)
Organic Pesticides (lindame)
Dissolved Metals